About Us


Betsy retired from Mayo Clinic in Rochester in Dec, 2014 after 35 years, mostly working on cancer research.

Jerry retired from IBM in Dec, 2012 after spending 28 years as a Software Engineer.


We had planned on moving out of the Rochester, MN area after retiring and settling someplace “north” of Minneapolis perhaps on a lake and/or large piece of land (Jerry would prefer NO neighbors on about 6000 acres of pristine forest 😊).  However, after spending almost three months RVing in NM and AZ early in 2015, a month in MI and IN in August of 2015, meeting a lot of very cool and interesting folks who did the RVing thing “full time” (seriously ?!?!?), our plans changed.   We had been working on downsizing for over a year in preparation of moving, but then the thought came….hey, WE could do the full time RVing thing!  It took a bit to convince Betsy, but after discussion, thought, and more than a bit of doubt, we decided to go for it.   Hey, we’re “young” enough, and “healthy” enough, so why not!  The U.S. is an amazingly beautiful place with so much to see and do we had to do it while we still could enjoy it.


We hope to continue our full timing RV adventures for a long while, but who knows what may come in our future.   Until then, we hope you enjoy traveling with us and enjoying our adventures as our virtual guest.



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