Palo Duro Canyon

We spent a lovely week at Palo Duro Canyon state park, just south of Amarillo TX. It’s not the Grand Canyon but it’s still pretty cool. Our campsite was at the base of the canyon with a view of the steep walls all around us.


Sagebrush campground. Our bus is just behind the bath house.

We did several of the hiking trails, along the canyon walls and up to the rim. My favorite was to Lighthouse rock, one of the many hoodoos. The warnings on this 6 mile round trip hike are scary, the temps get very hot on summer days and people/dogs have died of dehydration. We did this hike on a cloudy day and started at 7:30am. We also carried about 8 liters of water for us and the dogs (snacks too)! The hike was wonderful and the views spectacular. We saw several bighorn sheep on the canyon rim and watched them run across the ridges.


Lighthouse rock



Colors and texture on the canyon wall


Little hoodoo off to the left


This bighorn kept a close watch on us and followed along as we moved along the trail, although we were 600 feet lower.


The happy and handsome boys


I love the way Tango looks so adoringly at Jerry. He is her adventure guide.


The view toward the trailhead….somewhere down there.

Another great hike was the CCC trail, named for the bridges along the way constructed in the 1930’s by CCC workers. This campground, like so many others around the country was constructed mainly by men who took part in the CCC program during the depression. Side note here, my dad was one of those men and worked at Gooseberry Falls campground on the north shore of Lake Superior.


On the CCC trail


Yup, it’s a long way down!

We did a day drive to Amarillo for some Texas BBQ but mostly stayed around the park. I got to try out my idea for doing dog baths “at home” (success). We were entertained by the wildlife (turkey, roadrunners, lots of cardinals and zillions of pack rats).

We are again heading east, the plan is to spend a couple weeks in Arkansas!


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