Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument

What an amazing place. Just a few miles from where we are staying near Cochiti Lake is the most amazing geology lesson. These “tents” are formed from wind erosion and the process is very evident as you hike below, between and above these spectacular rocks. No dogs allowed and for that we were thankful. Not a dog friendly hike at all!  Not to mention, if you’re caught with a dog at the monument, it could result in a large fine, and up to a year in prison! 😳


The different layers seen are the result of a nearby volcanic eruption over 6 million years ago.



Notice the giant boulder that appears to be stuck on the side of the rock. It’s actually a cap on a forming tent like the smaller one more formed on the lower right.



This is a great illustration of new vs. old tent formation.



Hiking through the canyon. Some areas the walking path was only a few inches. Thankfully the space between rocks was wider 😊



At the very top.  Major wind and Betsy was a bit afraid of getting too close to the edge….it’s a long way down!


A Caveat made by the Pueblo natives.   Carved out of the soft volcanic ash, you can still see the smoke residue on the ceiling.  Some of these dwellings were pretty elaborate.   



See the tiny people sanding by the edge on top?  That’s where the previous photo was taken. A bit scary for me!  Even weirder, there were a bunch of school kids with limited supervision up there!



Spectacular views all around. We are thinking of going back for an early morning trip to see if we can get to the top in time for sunrise.


4 thoughts on “Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument

  1. Gail Strand

    wow! So impressive, but I’m afraid of heights especially when foothold is too close to the edge. Yikes! And thanks for showing me what I would never otherwise see. Gail


  2. dakotaken

    Wow! Great place & photos. Looks like fun. Wish I was there.

    I started driving back & got worried about reports of bad weather instead of staging my way north, I drove 14 hours to the middle of Kansas. I was then marooned at the Sundance COE campground for 32 hours in 45 mph wind with 50-60 mph gusts. Didn’t dare to unhook the trailer from the truck, as it (trailer) would have started rolling.

    On Thursday @ 6am it was freezing rain & the temp was 33°, so I trudged onward north with 30mph headwinds. I didn’t thick I’d get through the north half of IA, as reports stated there was 6-9 inches snow & 1 lane open, snowy & icy on I-35. But by 5pm it was 35° and the sun had come out to dry I-35 & I-90.

    Getting home @ 8pm, I was welcomed by 7 inches heavy snow & about 12 inches drifted over sidewalks, deck & blocking doors.

    After getting unpacked & un-winterizing the house Friday, I stopped by Mom’s to wish her a happy birthday. I had no idea there was a big birthday party for her scheduled. But it was nice to have some Alaskan King Crab legs & shrimp.

    The snows have been melting, so we are in smud season again. I spent all Saturday doing my Income Tax Returns, and have them sent in, along with amendments. Now I get to start Moms.

    Any way……. Don’t be in too much of a hurry to drive up here yet. It still looks like winter. Cloudy, cold, damp, no leaves, My AZ tan is fading away quickly.

    Take care & be safe in your travels!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. dakotaken

        Still winter here!
        There was snow on the ground yesterday AM, when I got up. And I think the winds followed me home (very windy here). It’s been wintery since I’ve been back.
        Today is supposed to be nice (finger crossed), with sunny 60° weather.
        I’m making whole wheat french bread for dinner @ Mom’s (slow cooked New England pot roast meal), then going hiking up @ the state park. I really miss the hiking & nice outdoor weather down there.
        The “one day a week guy” at work quit, so I’ve got more days to work this month. However, I drove over there Friday to tell them “face to face” I can still only work 15 days this year (& I need a month off for vacation to Yellowstone/ Black Hills). Also, that I’m retired after the 15 days.
        Have fun & stay safe there.


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