Elephant Butte New Mexico

Our plans as we left AZ was to spend some time at a couple of our favorite NM state parks (Rockhound and City of Rocks) but as we found it was spring break and the parks were overflowing with people. We spent one night parked at Rockhound in over, overflow (basically along the entrance road). It was quiet but dusty and not what we were hoping for. In the morning we set our sight toward Truth or Consequences to check out another state park (Caballo)…full too. Heading north we decided to try Elephant Butte, we were there last year and liked the north most camping area. We pulled into the main entrance to check things out and were followed in by Jerry’s brother Ken (who we had spent some time with in Tucson and again near Kartchner). We thought he’d be a day or so ahead of us but plans change and we were happy to spend a couple days camping together.

As expected the main campground was full so we headed north and happily found adjacent sites open as walk-ups. South Monticello campground is secluded, quiet and spots are huge. We had a pull-through that was about 100 feet long with electric and water ($14/night) is a great deal. While the park borders Elephant Butte lake we are high above the lake so while we had great views there wasn’t easy swimming for,the dogs. We did check the it one of the beach areas but the water was muddy and beaches were icky. No swimming here 😕. There were trails for walking, not really hiking but nice desert strolls.


The dogs are always good about staying on the trail. Even when it’s not this obvious.



Interesting “yield to” triangle. Can’t argue with that!

We took a day trip to Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, a haven for waterfowl. This area has the Rio Grande running through it and boasts over 350 species of birds. We went late morning and saw several kinds of birds and lots of turtles resting on the shore.


Looks like backwaters of the Mississippi


We the drove a few miles south and did a little 2.5 mile hike into a canyon. The hike was a bit tough, deep, deep sand (agility friends, think Proctor AKC trial) uphill! Glad we brought lots of water for dogs and people!

We also spend days reading, walking and playing with the dogs. My personal highlight was the road block I met While going into town to do laundry.


Please Moooooove! 


3 thoughts on “Elephant Butte New Mexico

  1. dakotaken

    Looks like you’re having a great time there. I should have stayed longer. Once over the mountains the weather was cooler. It’s been sunny every day, but low 60°s with brisk wind. I’m still wearing shorts for hiking, but also a sweat shirt and down vest.

    Enjoy the weather there! And stay safe while traveling.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Alexis Erickson

    Oh man … given that I have family in Butte (MT), it is doubly hilarious that my brain keeps seeing “Elephant Butt”. I feel like a fifty-FIVE year old sometimes…



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