Return to McDowell Mountain

We left our lake side site at Lake Pleasant Monday, truthfully we were happy to go as the winds were crazy. We had several nights where we thought we’d end up in Oz. Lovely during the day but the evenings and nights…..well, not so much. We spent the week back at McDowell Mountain regional park. We have a nice site with plenty of privacy. The temps are in the mid 80’s during the day so we are hiking early and then spending the afternoon sitting in the shade reading and enjoying the desert.


Razor and Rebel enjoying the view from the big rocks at McDowell Mountain



Hiking near Lake Pleasant, through a wash we came to a lovely lush area and a nice swimming hole.



Wild donkeys, they are everywhere.

While at lake pleasant we visited the MIM, Musical Instrument Museum. Wow, overwhelming for sure. If you are even remotely interested in music this is a must see. We only made it through 70-80% before our brains were overloaded.


Octobasse, tuned two octaves below the violoncello. Jerry shown for scale 😊


So many instruments…but the inlay on the guitar was beyond spectacular.

Today we move to Club Doggie for USDAA agility! Lush green grass, sunshine and agility. The dogs will be very happy! After that we move south to Sahuarita to spend time with our friend Mary.


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