Barrett-Jackson Auto auction

We were lucky enough to time our visit to the Scottsdale area with the Barret-Jackson car auction, so Monday we decided to do something bit different and spend the day ogling cars.   If you’re at all into any kind of cars and have the chance, go!   With over 1,500 cars, along with thousands of lots of auto memorabilia (we saw one Cadillac sign sell for over $22,000), and lots of vendors of all kinds, I guarantee there will be something you’ll like 😊.   It was a cheap day for us…$10 admission with the “senior” discount 👍, $21 for a decent wood fired pizza, and several hours of entertainment.    It’s a good thing we no longer have a house and garage or we would have ended up buying something there!

The only problem is overload!  So many amazing cars, so many vendors, so much to see, one day isn’t enough to truly appreciate it.   We plan on going back next year, but it will be at a much leisurely pace so we enjoy it more.  I took close to 200 photos, so trying to narrow it down is tough!  Some of our favorites….






Some of these cars have hundreds, if not over a thousand hours just in paint! Photos do not do justice.

















Paint was magnificent on this!


I really miss my VW bus! No power, not safe, no heat in the winter, but so cool and fun to drive!















This power wagon sold for over $170k!










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