Sunny skies have returned to Arizona

We are happy to be back at Lost Dutchman State Park for a two week stay. Days are sunny with high temps in the 60’s, perfect hiking weather!


First morning after the rainy week. Snow at higher elevations. Amazing views.

Saturday we hiked up to the basin of Flat Iron, Jerry had been there before but I had not. It was beautiful, amazing views up to the mountains and down to the valley below. It was a bit crowded but the dogs are getting used to meeting people and other dogs on the trails. They just keep on task and hike along. Rebel however is Mr. Congeniality and gives everyone a smile and head nod as he passes.

Flat Iron is the peak to the right. One of our goals is to hike up there….without the dogs 😌


Razor always wonders why we stop to rest.


Rebel is always ready for a hug.

image Saturday we also took a drive over to the Peralta Canyon trailhead planning on hiking in that area, but it was ZOO!   Note to us…..never plan on doing anything or going anywhere on weekends from now on 😜.   The road in was rough and filled with giant red mud slop holes. Jerry was happy to drive through them all and splash up the jeep. The mud on the jeep was inches thick in spots. I thought it was nasty, Jerry thought it was cool. I finally convinced him Sunday morning to stop for a car wash before we headed to our lunch date. We pulled up to a nice full service car wash and the workers stood back, scratched their chins and said to each other “I don’t know, but I think it’s just dirt”🤔. They were kind and asked us to go down the street to one of those spray it off places and get some of the mud off, then come back and they would wash it for free.

Sunday we were invited to my old (as in former, not age, just in case he reads this post 😋) boss’s house in Scottsdale for lunch. I started working for Larry in 1984 and stayed in his lab until he transferred to Scottsdale in 2002. It was great to see Larry, April and their adorable English Cocker, Ribbons. They served us a spectacular lunch and we spent the afternoon catching up. Great stories and lots of laughs! 😊

Monday we drove over to the Tonto Forest to hike the first water trail. We’ve done that trail before, but it’s a beautiful area was very fun.  Lots of running water and nice pools for the dogs to swim in. It was a pretty easy hike and we ended up hiking for a total of five miles.


On of the many streams along the way.


They are always happy to get their feet wet.


How many border collies are in the photo?


The black and white guys watching Pippa dive in and swim.

Tuesday we decided to visit Taliesin West, the winter home of Frank Lloyd Wright. We had a wonderful tour guide who had lots of interesting stories and a wicked sense of humor. The history behind the construction is fascinating, everything was built using materials on the grounds and all the labor was free courtesy of FLW’s students (who paid for the privilege).  The 1 square mile of land was purchased in 1937 for $3.50/acre. This is nowprime Scottsdale land now worth millions. This also was the only tour we’ve  ever taken where we were told it was ok to touch stuff, sit on furniture and take photos freely. Jerry and I sat on FLW’s bed when visiting his private living space 😳.  As an added bonus….the annual Barret-Jackson auto auction is in Scottsdale at the end of January (yup, we are going, and NO Jerry is NOT bidding!) and there was a publicity photo shoot happening on the property, so we were treated with a preview of some very cool cars.   FLW was into unique cars and at one point owned over 90 cars.   His favorite color was Cherokee Red and had almost all his cars painted in that color.  Also a bit surprising to us, after many years of being a successful architect, he was pretty much broke when he died.   He did have the forethought to create his foundation before he died which lives on.   Taliesin West is to this day a working architecture school.  Tuition?  Just $40,000/year.


Studio to the left, apartments and living quarters to the right.  Some of Frank’s original students still live, work, and teach on site.  The oldest over 92!



The “garden room” in the private residence.  All seating is very low to give the best views to the outside.



One of the custom cars on site for a photo shoot for the up coming Barrett-Jackson car show next week (yes, we’re going).

Wednesday was a quiet day at home, reorganizing the basement storage and having the RV Doctor (yup, a house call) out to take care of a couple warranty repair items (love the Entegra 2 year warranty).

Today we picked up our new bikes….but that will have to wait for our next entry.



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