Desert rain…and lots of it!

Our last full day at Catalina state park was lovely. We hiked up the Romaro pool trail without the dogs since the trail is mostly in the Big Horn sheep reintroduction area.  No dogs allowed 😠.   As hard as we looked,  no sightings of any big horns.    The trail was very rocky and steep, so it would have been tough on dog feet anyway.   It was good they were home watching TV (although they would have a different opinion).   Since it was New Years Day there we lots of hikers ( most of them kept to the easier trails though) but it was  gorgeous day to make the climb to the pools.   A nice 7 mile hike with a 1500′ vertical elevation gain.   The reward was snacks and a rest on giant rocks watching ice cold water ripple by.  It’s such a beautiful life 🌞.


Jerry got ahead while Betsy stopped to take some photos






Romaro pools

January 2nd we lifted the jacks and pulled in the slides to head back to Lost Dutchman state park for a just over a two week stay. Our first evening here we had our MN friend Michelle and her pack of pups come by for dinner and lots of laughs. The main entertainment was Michelle’s little springer pup S’getti. What a cutie and Rebel was in love. We had a wonderful evening.


S’getti getting a drink from the big dog bucket!


Rebel and S’getti, hard to get a photo as these two were busy spinning and playing.

A few housekeeping chores on Tuesday … Mainly dog baths (at a marvelous self service grooming place), and the highlight of our week so far….Gelato….yummy like in Italy Gelato.  Right next door to the dog bath place!   The number 1 rated ice cream shop in Arizona and number 10 in the entire nation!  The selection was overwhelming, but amazing.    We’ll be back!


Rebel was the last to get his bath which he was fine with….but he wanted nothing to do with the dryers.

On Monday the rain started and seriously it hasn’t stopped since. Brief  pauses so the dogs can go out a bit, but lots and lots of rain.   We thought it would just get soaked into the ground….but NO.  It just pools everywhere, so lots of standing water.  We now have a lakeside RV site. Nice (not so much). Tomorrow it’s suppose to clear. We all hope so!

Since it rained out ALL FREAKIN’ DAY, today, Betsy spent pretty much the entire day on the phone.   The paperwork to register the Jeep and RV in South Dakota? Done!  Dealing with the idiots at Directv to convince them we no longer have a house and live in an RV?  Done! (At least we hope so….never have we dealt with such incompetence!).  Scheduling a mobile RV tech to fix a couple of issues (under warranty 👍).  Done!   Then a visit to the Mayo credit union and post office.  We also received our first batch of mail forwarded from our South Dakota address. It was fun looking through everything and finally reading Christmas cards. An exhausting day 😉.

On the bright side, even though it’s been raining here most of the week, it still gets into the upper 50s to mid 60s during the day, the desert smells amazing after a rain, and it is so beautifully green!  We’ll take that over the MN winter any day 🌞.


Rain and fog makes the green really stand out.



5 thoughts on “Desert rain…and lots of it!

  1. Gail Vanderpool

    Fabulous photos and great accompanying entry. From the hiking you’ve been doing, your legs must have great muscle definition by now. Haha – you should have taken before and after pictures of them! Why do you have register your jeep and RV in SoDak?


  2. dakotaken

    Hey, great photos. Looks like you’re having a great time there. Hope the weather gets better there soon. We have the rain/sleet/snow/slush from that front coming through here now….with lots of freezing fog. Supposed to get sub zero temps starting Saturday night.

    Liked by 1 person


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