New Years Eve

It’s been a year since I retired. Hard to believe as it flew by so fast. Lots of fun times and deep sadness with the loss of Pete and Stryker. Their spirits travel with us. We are grateful for the good health of a Tango, Razor, Rebel and Pippa. They all are a blessing and keep us active and laughing every day!


Hiking on the foothills of the Catalina mountains. 

We have had a busy week. For Christmas we gave the Minnesota border collies what they wanted more than anything. To play in snow! We took a drive to Mount Lemmon. As we drove the windy roads up past 8000 feet the views were amazing and the temps dropped.


On the way to Mount Lemmon. We passed many people biking on this road. Yikes!

Lots of families pulled off the road to let kids play in the snow piles left from the plows. It was crazy. We found a little hiking spot with snow so pulled off and took the dogs out for a bit of play time catching snowballs. Fun, but man it was cold!!


Not much snow, but they were excited to play in it anyway.



Razor loves to catch snow balls!


Pippa is waiting for Jerry to toss her a snow ball.

We had hoped to visit the Richard F. Carries Mirror lab at UA but it was closed for the holiday break so instead we wandered over to the Flandrau Science Center and Planetarium. They had an large display of minerals and some cool fossils but not a place we would return to. On the way home we decided to grab lunch at Tohono Chul bistro and then take a walk through their gardens and galleries. Interesting place, started as a large garden area by the owners of the 30 or so acres that eventually grew to 49 acres of gardens and art in the midst of housing developments. Impressive place cared for primarily by volunteers.


One of the sculptures at Tohono Chul. Note the styrofoam cups protecting the cactuses from the freezing cold.


This is kind of a famous Saguaro, only 1 in 10,000 grow this crested top. No one knows the cause for sure, physical damage, mutation, microorganism….

Yesterday we visited Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. The first thing we did was to go to the raptor free flight. Wow! As the narrator explained the birds they soared and dove overhead between different trainers. We saw a red-tail hawk come at us from riding the thermal currents near the mountains to landing on the arm of her trainer standing feet behind us. She was just a couple feet over our heads as she landed. Amazing! BTW, they instruct parents not to have kids perched on their shoulders so…..something bad doesn’t happen 😉.


This Great Horned Owl made the sweetest meow sound. 


Prairie Falcon


We could see all the way to Mexico!


3 thoughts on “New Years Eve

  1. Alexis Erickson

    Oh, I love the raptors and that famous Saguaro! To me the horse (sculpture) is posed like he’s peeing. Leftover childhood memory of boy horsies peeing I guess.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. kuppajoe

    Hi! We are enjoying following your adventures probably as much as your beautiful dogs enjoyed the snow! Intetesting about the crested cactus and the birds. Animals of all types are wonderful, amazing entertainers. Rainy here today. Good day to pack in some groceries and chill out. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL! CATHY AND ART

    Liked by 1 person


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