Christmas Eve Day

The campground is filling up, it’s evidently a tradition for many of these folks to spend Christmas at Catalina state park. Go figure. At night we see lighted decorations, trees and hear the faint sound of Christmas music. Jerry downloaded a new hiking trail app so today we gave it a test drive. We did an amazing 5.5 mile hike up and around the lower part of the mountains. The dogs were thrilled when we came upon a pool, we stopped for a snack and a swim. image





The menu tonight for our Christmas Eve diner: crab legs (thanks Bev!), salad, roasted squash (thanks Lynn!), and a growler of Castle Danger Ale to wash it down with (thanks Steph!).


From our wandering family to our family and friends, we hope you have a wonderful joyful Christmas!


4 thoughts on “Christmas Eve Day

  1. dakotaken

    T-shirt & shorts look great. I’m envious – with the cold sweater weather here.

    It was nice to face time with you. Hope your sea food was as tasty as ours. After dinner, it was snowing. The roads weren’t too bad & very little traffic, so I had no trouble driving home.

    Christmas morning Mom awoke to cold temps. Her furnace had failed. Luckily outdoor temps were not too cold (30 outside & 62 inside) and Wayne was able to drive over and have the heat back up in a very short time.

    I was a bit stressed on Christmas day. I had to make sure the food was started exactly on time to all be ready at 6pm. Especially important with the 5 pound prime rib roast, which was excellent. It all turned out well and was enjoyed by 17 adults, 2 children and 1 dog. Quite a circus, but fewer people (& dogs) than previous years.

    Exhausting holiday! I slept straight through the night until 7am (I’m usually up by 4-5am at the latest).

    Take care & keep in touch. Hope to see you somewhere warm later this winter.

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