Cool days in the desert

Yes, it’s been cool for the past week with the highs only in the 50’s. Some days are bright and sunny like today, others gloomy and rainy. It’s a mixed bag but we’ll take it. Last Friday we left our spot at Lost Dutchman SP and traveled just a few miles south to Queen Creek, parking on site at Club-Doggie for an agility trial weekend. We did a couple USDAA trials there last winter and loved the facility and people so we were happy to be back seeing friends! They did an all tournament weekend plus a couple standard classes. Razor played everything and did DAM team with a couple of his Hob Nob border collie kin. A wonderfully fun time was had by all. Tango also played but Jerry is only entering her in limited classes to reduce wear and tear on her senior body. They played PVP and biathlon. Rebel and Pippa were happy to hang out and chase after the frisbee from time to time. We all enjoyed running on nice thick green grass.image

Monday morning we headed back to Lost Dutchman for the week. We’ve taken a few hikes, ran errands, ate lunch at In and Out Burger, but  mostly just spend time relaxing.


Pippa wasn’t sure what to think of the coyote!

Wednesday we joined the park birding group to learn a bit about the local avian population. The group leader “Babs” was a serious birder and was a wealth of information. The other two seasoned birders that were in our small group were also anxious to teach the newbies. The most cool bird (for me at least) was finally learning what the grackle colored, Cardinal looking bird was….a Phainopepla!image

Thursday we loaded dogs, water, and snacks into the jeep and took off for some off road trails in the Tonto National Forest. Jerry and Tango enjoy these kind of roads more than the rest of us but the scenery was spectacular. Amazing to see so much wide open space….at one point I was sure Rebel was going to get car sick but we got out for a little walk, water, snacks and the all important chance to pee. After that all was right with the world.


4 peaks mountain 


How many border collies do you see in the Jeep? 😊


After the off road adventures, Jerry did some outside RV detailing while I relaxed inside with the dogs. For dinner we grilled venison steak from a deer that lived in our MN backyard and had a great local produce salad.  Thanks to our neighbor Larry for sharing the venison!

Saturday we lift our jacks and move south. 😎





8 thoughts on “Cool days in the desert

  1. dakotaken

    Looks awesome and fun! The dogs look like they’re having a ball! We’ve had lots of rain and only about 10 minutes of sunlight in the last week. Some days the heavy cloud cover was so low, you automatically duck. Last night the temps dropped to low twenties and will stay there and lower for a few days, so I have the first wood fire of the winter in the house today. Toasty!
    Thanks for the update, I’ll pass it along to Mom.


      1. Bev

        Snow late this afternoon, just in time for the ride home. Really icy roads. Luckily Vibe has front wheel drive, but 30 minute ride was about an hour. Miss this yet?

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Gail Vanderpool

    Who’s behind the camera? The pics are consistently awesome – fueling my sense of wanderlust. I’ve never spent any time in the SW and have always heard how gorgeous the desert is in bloom. Will you be there then?


    1. Betsy and Jerry Post author

      Betsy is the usual photographer, but Jerry takes some occasionally. We were in the desert in Feb when things are starting to bloom….it is amazing! We’ll probably be in the SW area until late April.



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