Hike to the “Basin”

So, after spending the morning drinking coffee, cleaning, and reading, I decided, that besides our usual 2+mile morning walk, it was time for some outdoor activity!   Tango is running agility this weekend, so I decided to leave her behind and just take the two young ones….Rebel and Pippa.    Tango was not too happy about it, but it was for her own good.   She did get to take a nice stroll around the park with Betsy and Razor though.

One of the first challenging hikes we heard about when we arrived in AZ last year  was “The Flatiron”.  A 6 mile hike with a 3000′ vertical gain.   Not dog friendly as it involves rock scrambling and hand over hand climbing.   We’ll attempt that hike when we’re back in January, but I decided to head up that direction.   The Basin is on the way to Flatiron, so that was the goal.


The upside down iron looking thing is Flatiron

It was a sunny warm 75 degrees when we departed, and it’s a dry heat 😊, so plenty of water was brought for me and dogs.  We’re still getting acclimated to the altitude, dryness, and glorious warmth, so I stopped about every mile to give the dogs some water.


A water break.  Pippa LOVES hiking.


Taking a break at our destination for the day



This entire area is really spectacular, and the hike to the Basin was no different!


Looking down



A view up before we got to the Basin.  Flatiron getting closer!


After a great diner of shrimp grilled with butter and garlic, rice and some left over squash, we were treated to another beautiful sunset.






4 thoughts on “Hike to the “Basin”

  1. Robin

    Those were all beautiful pictures! I wish I could do that kind of hike but I’m learning my boundaries 😦 Good luck with agility tomorrow! Love, your posts my friends 🙂

    Liked by 1 person


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