It’s not all fun and games!

Some days we just have to suck it up and do a little work. No lawn to mow or snow to shovel but there is still laundry and cleaning. Jerry and I each have our preferred tasks so we divide and conquer. He cleaned and since we don’t have a sewer hook-up I had to find a laundromat rather than wash clothes in the bus. Lucky me, seriously not all laundromats are equal and I scored big today. Seemed like a fairly new place, friendly attendant and sweet machines.image While the clothes were drying I wandered around outside and noticed lots of people with ice cream cones. What a stroke of genius, an ice cream place next to the laundry! imageSo, I enjoyed a pistachio waffle cone while the clothes dried, chatted with a lady from LaCresent MN and watched a guy do 50 pounds of rugs in a 10x wash machine. Productive and enjoyable morning. Back at the park all the camp hosts were busy collecting trash and preparing sites for campers that will arrive today. Here is one of the supervisors waiting for the rest of her crew to show up. imageNow time for a little stroll with the dogs.



One thought on “It’s not all fun and games!

  1. Alexis Erickson

    I love (the end of) days where you accomplish a whole bunch of pesky tasks. Ice cream cone wouldn’t go well with MN weather today – grey and rainy. Wierd for December :-/



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