Superstition Mountain hike

So, we awoke this morning to the yipping sound of coyotes and the happy kisses of border collies. I suspect they were all thinking about breakfast. I’m certain the border collies were. Dogs fed, coffee made and we enjoyed a beautiful sunrise. Jerry took Tango and Rebel for a early morning walk (he claims they did over 2 miles). I took Razor and Pippa and am certain we did less than than 2 miles. 

We took a quick run into town, for a few necessities. Yelp suggested a little diner where we enjoyed a tasty breakfast of Hillbilly Hashbrowns (hashbrowns covered with biscuits and gravy). Then to the store for water and beer….enough shopping!

This afternoon we all did a 3.5 mile hike to the base of the mountains. The day was overcast but beautiful and 74 degrees. It was apparent that I’m out of shape and the dogs aren’t use to the heat. Nevertheless, we all had a great time and met some nice people along the way.  





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