Red Rock Park, Gallup NM

Our intent was to push all the way to the Phoenix area but then we stumbled across Red Rock park. This little park is managed by the city of Gallup NM and seems to be a major hot air ballon launch spot. When we arrived yesterday there were a few ballooners still here just packing up from the annual rally that brought 115 balloons to this little site for the weekend. While that would have been fun to see, we were happy with enjoying the quiet of sunset on the beautiful rock rocks surrounding us and the dogs were happy to run around in the red sand. Maybe we’ll stay a couple days….  

This morning we were all ready for a hike up to church rock! 

The trail was narrow cut into the rocks. We were happy that the dogs hadn’t forgot the mountain goat skills the acquired last winter. They happily trotted along and enjoyed every minute. Tango and Razor smiled the entire time. 

 Pippa was camouflaged next to the red rocks! 

 Rebel kept close tabs on Jerry. 

 Back at the bus, snacks and a drink of cold water. Dogs are napping. Seems like a pretty good day. 



2 thoughts on “Red Rock Park, Gallup NM

  1. Alexis Erickson

    “Gallup New Mexico” … now Route 66 is playing in my head. The park looks beautiful and rugged, a perfect dog park 🙂



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